Your European Opportunity

The EU is the third most populated geographical unit in the world, providing exciting business opportunities for your company.

The EU has over 500 million inhabitants with the majority residing in Germany, UK, France, Italy, Poland, and Spain.

Projected long-term growth for Europe is excellent, and especially for the Direct Sales Industry.

The European Direct Sales market exceeds Euro 20 billion in revenue and has created four million+ jobs in the last five years while increasing distributor force numbers by fourteen percent during the same time period.

The opportunities presented by the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe make the region’s future evermore promising for Direct Sales growth.

Direct Sales Industry:

  • Consistent growth, DOUBLE DIGIT IN SEVERAL COUNTRIES over the past five years.
  • Total 2014 sales volume in the EU exceeds € 20 billion and € 25 billion in Europe as a whole.
  • Promising new and emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Created 4.7 million indirect full time jobs in the past five years.
  • 14% increase in the distributor force in the same period.
  • Supports female entrepreneurship and inclusion of older workers.